Imagine Just for Katie with Austin Mahone


You had broken up with Austin about a month ago. He was the best boyfriend you ever had, but he said that his feelings for you had disappeared, and he had dumped you. It was horrible; you thought that Austin was the one. And then, just out of the blue, he dumped you. It was the worst feeling in the world, and you had cried yourself to sleep every night for the next week, but then you woke up one morning, and realized that you couldn’t spend the rest of your life crying over him. You needed to move on, he was never going to take you back.
You were walking through the empty hallway at school just after lunch time. You hadn’t heard the bell go off and you were already late for lessons and you were hurrying to your next lesson. You quickly turned the corner into the Math’s hallway and you bumped into someone. They were standing just standing there and when you looked at them you realized that it was Austin. You took a step back, you were about to turn around and run away but he grabbed your wrist.
‘There you are! Come here!’ he shouted to you, dragging you back by your wrist. You turned around to him and started trying to loosen his grip on your wrist.
‘No, Austin! Don’t!’ you screamed, pulling your hand out of his grip and he let go, and you fell onto the floor. A door opened and a teacher came flying out and looked at you both.
‘What’s going on?’ the teacher asked. You looked up at Austin and he looked down at you. He gave you the ‘Just go along with whatever I say’ kind of look. He looked back up to the teacher and then helped you up.
‘We were just on our way to lessons,’ Austin told the teacher, which was a complete lie. You looked over to the teacher and he was glaring at you both.
‘Well, I suggest you hurry up!’ he shouted, and then hurried down the hallway in a huff. You started walking after him but Austin wrapped his arms around your chest. You was about to scream out but he covered your mouth and lifted you up. He opened the door on the side of the hallway and ran into it with you still in his arms. It was the cleaner’s closet. He placed you down so that your feet were back on the floor and then he quickly shut the door. You watched him as he moved to the other side of the tiny room and picked up a broomstick. He went back over to the door and wedged it under the handle so that no-one could get in.
‘W-what are you doing?’ you asked him as he turned back round from the door to face you. You looked up at him as your heart began beating really fast. His back leant against the door and he slid down it so that he was sitting on the floor with his back against the door. He looked up at you and then looked down at the floor, gesturing that you sat down as well. You put your school bag down on the floor and you sat cross legged down on the floor opposite Austin. You stared at him, your head resting on your hands, your elbows on your knees. He looked back, not saying anything. ‘What do you want Austin?’ you asked him, eventually breaking the silence. He took a huge gulp and you saw his Adam’s Apple move up and down his throat. He took a huge breath and then he finally began talking.
‘I-I, erm, I n-never stopped loving you,’ he finally stuttered out. You stared at him, like you was trying to stare through his soul. You stood up and looked down at him.
‘L-let me out please,’ you said pointing at the door. He stood up and looked at you confused, and shook his head at you.
‘What’s wrong? I thought you still liked me too..’ he said, taking a step closer to you. You took a deep breath.
‘That time has passed Austin, you made that happen when you left me,’ you told him, a tear escaping and rolling down your cheek. You quickly moved your hand up to your face and wiped it away, not wanting your make up to smear.
‘I know, that was the biggest mistake I ever made, please babe. Take me back,’ he said, the tears rolling down his cheek. You bit your lip to try and stop the tears, you looked at Austin and shook your head.
‘N-no, I’m sorry Austin. I can’t do it to myself again, you messed up once, I don’t want you hurting me again,’ you said, taking a step back from him and folding your arms. You was trying to be strong but it wasn’t working. The tears began streaming down your cheeks and Austin did the same.
‘B-but I’m not going to hurt you this time, I promise, since the day that I left you, I’ve hated myself for ever finishing what we had,’ he said, not even a whisper.
‘Yeah, but how can I be sure, how can I know that you’re not going to hurt me again,’ you said, the tears still pouring down your face. He shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.
‘You’re just going to have to trust me. I promise, I’ll never hurt you,’ he whispered taking a huge step closer to you so that your noses were almost touching.
‘Prove it!’ you shouted at him. Without any warning, he slammed his lips onto yours, placing his hands on your hips. Instead of pulling back and yelling at him to get off you, you felt the sparks fly off inside your body. Your hands went around his neck and you started to kiss him back. You felt a smile spread over his tear filled face and you smiled too. He pulled back from the kiss and looked you deep in the eyes, his smile still wide.
‘So, will you take me back,’ he whispered, his hands still on your hips. You bit your lip and looked up at Austin. A week ago, if someone had said that you was gunna be getting back together with him, you would never have believed them. But something seemed different about him, he definitely seemed more happy about you two dating this time. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if you and Austin went back out.
‘Yeah,’ you breathed as he took you up in his arms again and continued to kiss you. Just at that moment a teacher burst in the door which made you and Austin immediately stop kissing. You both stood next to each other staring at the teacher, waiting for her to start yelling at you. She was giving you both a death stare, and for a moment she actually looked like she was about to pick the broomstick up off the floor that had fallen over when she had burst through the door and kill you with it.
‘I suggest you get to lessons, I didn’t see anything,’ she said, closing the door behind her. You and Austin looked at each other and collapsed into fits of laughter. When you had eventually stopped laughing he took your hands and looked at you. You looked at him as well and he breathed deep.
‘I love you so much,’ he said, his eyes glistening.
‘I love you too Austin,’ you said, flinging your arms around his neck and giving him a tight hug.


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