Imagine Just For Valeria ( @Malta_Rusher ) with Logan Henderson

you’re going on holiday with your best friend, Kate. You get there and there’s a bunch of girls outside your hotel. You get there. ‘Sorry, ladies we can’t let you in’ the security says. ‘You’re joking right? We just spent nearly 5 hours on a plane and we can’t get into our hotel?’ you stare at him in disbelief. ‘Have you got proof you’re staying here?’ he asks. You show him your booking form. ‘Sorry for the holdup miss, have a nice stay’ he says, letting you and Kate in. You go up to your room, on the top floor. It has a sea view balcony which you’re pleased with. ‘I’m going for a dip in the pool, you coming?’ she asks. ‘Sure’ you reply. ‘I’ll meet you down there’ she says, she’s already ready. You change into a light blue bikini and grab a towel and go down. You bump into someone. ‘Sorr…’ they trail off, staring at you. ‘Logan Henderson?’ you laugh. ‘Explains it’ you mutter. ‘Explains what?’ he asks. ‘The crowd of screaming girls downstairs, they wouldn’t let me in at first’ you laugh. ‘Sorry about that, they can get pretty crazy. What’s your name?’ he asks you. ‘Valeria’ you hold your hand out and he shakes it. ‘Well, I best be going then’ he laughs. ‘Me too’ you say then you both start walking in the same direction. ‘You going to the pool?’ he laughs. ‘Yeah’ you nod your head. ‘I’m with a friend’ you tell him. ‘I’m with well, the other boys, James, Carlos and Kendall. But you probably already knew that and now I’m rambling on… Shut up Logan’ he says. You laugh. ‘I don’t mind, you’re cute’ you admit. His face lights up. ‘Can I take you out for dinner?’ he asks. ‘Sure’ you smile. You spend all day with Logan and the boys, Kate had a boyfriend but she’s still enjoying herself. Later you’re finally ready for your dinner with Logan. Kate’s going out for a drink with the boys and you’ll be meeting back up with them later. You’re wearing a strappy dress; it’s tight at the top and flowy at the bottom and it’s a light pink. You’re hair is curled and your makeup’s done nicely. You slip on your black gladiator sandals. You have your money tucked into your bra as you’re not taking your bag, Kate has the key card for the hotel. You back your way to the lobby. ‘Ey!’ you call out, their eyes fall on you both and their jaws drop. ‘Okay so there’s rules’ you laugh. ‘You keep her safe and you keep your hand off her or I’ll kick your ass, okay? Okay. Right, I’m ready’ you say to Logan. He takes your hand and you leave. You’re walking on the beach after your meal. He’s actually really sweet, nothing like you thought he would be like. ‘I know we’ve only just met like, but I like you’ he says. ‘I like you too’ you smile at him. He leans down and kisses you gently.<3


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