Imagine ….with James Maslow

Imagine with James Maslow

You’re going out with James Maslow from Big Time Rush. You haven’t told anybody yet, not even the boys.  You only been in a relationship for about three weeks and you were waiting for the right time and place to tell the boys because you weren’t sure how they were going to react all the boys were going out but James said he didn’t want to go. You were sitting on the sofa with him when the boys all came down the steps. ‘So, you sure you don’t want to come?’ Carlos asked us. ‘I’m sure, James you can go if you want. I’’ just go home’ you said to him. ‘Nah, I’m not really in the mood’ he said, sitting there with his arms crossed as you had your legs over him.  The boys didn’t think anything of it. They think you’re friends.  They nodded and left. As soon as they’re out of the door, Nathan pulls you down do you’re laid completely laying down on the sofa.  He hovers over you, brushing his lips against yours, teasing you. You grab the back of his beck and pull him closer to you. You kiss. He starts to tickly you; you’re laughing and screaming until he kisses you again.  ‘And what’s going on here?’ you hear someone laugh.

James got off of you straight away and stood up.  The boys had come back in and you’d not heard them. You sat up and pushed your hair behind your ear. James stood there itching the back of his neck awkwardly. ‘Well, yeah, um… James said looking at them and back to you. ‘How long has this been going on for?’ Logan laughed. ‘About a month’ James said ‘you’ve been sleeping together for a months?’ Kendall exclaimed. ‘Were not just sleeping with each other Kendall! James said. You sat there, twirling your hair with your fingers. ‘Were sort of together’ James said ‘What?’ Carlos added “why didn’t you tell us’ Logan asked ‘we were afraid of how you were going to react and we didn’t want you to accidentally slip up to the press’ James said, biting his nail and looking down. ‘We wouldn’t have told anyone, you could have told us. I’m a little offended actually’ Carlos laughed ‘I know, me too’ Logan said ‘yep, same’ Kendall agreed.  You got up and went to stand with James. He put his arm around you. ‘Are you mad at us? You asked leaning your head into James chest. ‘Mad? No I’m happy for you!’ Logan said. They all agreed. You smiled up at James and he kissed the tip of your nose.  ‘Well, you guys best be going. Why did you come back in anyway?’ James asked them. ‘It’s raining and the taxi’s not here yet’ Kendall said.   You and James sat back on the sofa and the boys got comfy too, but as soon as they did their taxi came.  ‘Right, we’ll be back at like 12 or something. Make sure you’re upstairs’ Carlos laughed and they all left. You turned to James and smiled. ‘That went…’you trailed off. ‘Well, I think’ James laughed. He shrugged and kissed you again. You started to smile through the kiss, you could feel him smiling.

Later on you were lying in bed with one of his tops on, resting on his chest. He was on twitter. You saw him tweet ‘Lying in bed with my beautiful girl watching a film, I love you Grace x x x’ you smiled and went back to watching the film.  Everyone knew now.  You weren’t bothered because now you know the relationship was fully confirmed, not just for everyone else but for you too. You looked up at him and he gently kissed you.  ‘I love you’ he said, you were shocked because he’s never said it before now.  ‘I love you too’ you smiled and kissed you again.  The kiss become more passionate as you knotted your fingers in his hair and his slide down your sides.


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  1. This story is awesome its very juicy which i love

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